“The question is not Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but Can they suffer?” —Jeremy Bentham

The objective of Sentience Research is to develop, disseminate and promote research on sentience aimed at a better world, and particularly, reducing involuntary and useless suffering.

Sentience is a concept very close to the idea of consciousness, but sentience is, in our opinion,  focused on what is more morally relevant. Sentience implies the capacity for positive or negative experiences, such as pleasure and pain, suffering and enjoyment.

We are aligned with the ideas taken from the Effective Altruism (EA) movement and the concept of Suffering-Focused Ethics (SFE).

Research on sentience is related to multiple areas of knowledge, from neuroscience and philosophy to psychology, computer science and genetics. It is a complex field, with a lot to understand and explore. We believe that understanding sentience will have enormous benefits as a tool for finding ways to solve the problem of suffering.

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